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Security Mavericks knows the importance of providing quality security services, which is why we can schedule off-duty police officers to guard your Florida event or job site. This level of armed security is second to none in protecting you, your guests, and your property. Contact our team today to hire an off-duty law enforcement security officer.

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Why opt for an off-duty officer to secure your event?

  • They're highly trained.
  • They're quick to respond.
  • They have a deep understanding of the law.
  • They commend respect and attention.
  • They're armed for your protection.

Off-Duty Law Enforcement Through Professional Security

Sometimes the best security for your event or job site is a police officer. It can be an intricate process to schedule this through the police department, though. The easiest way to schedule the armed security you need is to go through a private security company like Security Mavericks in Florida.

When you hire an off-duty police officer as a security officer, you’re ensuring that you’re getting some of the best training and experience on your side to protect and secure your property, your guests, and yourself.

Specialized Training & Experience

Police officers receive specialized and intensive training on a wide variety of topics that help them enforce the law. They have a deep understanding of the judiciary system, procedures for obtaining and recording evidence, traffic laws, search requirements and procedures, signs of gang activity, and other professional knowledge.

If any of these topics are a concern in relation to your event or job site, it may be in your best interest to hire an off-duty law enforcement officer.

Quick Response Time

Another benefit of choosing an off-duty officer as your security officer is their ability to respond quickly in the event of an incident. Not only do they have the training and experience to respond to activity quickly, but they can radio nearby officers for backup faster than a non-law enforcement security officer.

Deep Understanding of the Law

Law enforcement officers are deeply familiar with the law and civil rights. If an incident escalates, a law enforcement officer working as a security officer will be able to make an arrest and follow the correct procedures in doing so.

In the event that an incident goes to trial, this lawful arrest will help your case. The law enforcement officer will also be able to testify on behalf of you or your organization.

Command Respect & Attention

There’s something to be said about the respect and attention that a police officer in uniform commands. Not only will guests, employees, or passers by be more likely to be on their best behavior, but an off-duty officer working as your security officer will also command respect and attention for you or your company.

Armed for Everyone’s Safety

At your request, Security Mavericks offers armed security services. If you’re in need of armed security officers, it may be in your best interest to opt for off-duty law enforcement officers. They’re trained to handle firearms and will be armed for everyone’s safety.

Enlist an Officer Through a Security Company

Though not every situation requires an off-duty law enforcement officer to act as a security officer, it never hurts to look into the options. If you’re curious about reasons that necessitate a police officer to handle security, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

If your event, property, or job site requires the security that only a law enforcement officer can provide, trust an experienced security company to schedule the protection you need. Contact Security Mavericks in Florida today.

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