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Whether you need fire watch services due to a mandate from your local Fire Marshal or you simply have some “hot” construction taking place at your facility, there’s no better team to keep your commercial or residential property safe than the security experts at Security Mavericks. As one of the nation’s top fire watch security teams, we've helped hundreds of people with fire watch protection for their commercial and residential properties. Don’t take the risk and don’t get hit with excessive fines and penalties. Call Florida’s expert fire watch team today.

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Security officer Services For Any Occasion

Fire watch services are useful for increasing safety in many situations, and in some types of events, they are made mandatory by your local Fire Marshal. Below is a list of reasons you may want to consider — or may be required to retain — professional fire watch services.

  • Broken fire alarm systems.
  • Damaged burglar alarm systems.
  • Loss of power.
  • Natural Disasters.
  • Loss of water to sprinkler systems.
  • "Hot work" construction events such as welding, soldering, flame-cutting, brazing, and riveting.

Firewatch officers and services when you need them most

Security Mavericks is dedicated to providing businesses and residents with a large array of professional security services to protect their property, employees, and families. Our fire watch services are no different.

There are going to be times during the life of your commercial or residential property where it is at a higher than usual risk for fire-related dangers. Oftentimes, in the case of work like heavy welding, soldering, and other construction “hot work,” there is little to be done as the jobs being completed are of the utmost importance to structural integrity and compliance.

Sometimes, you need to maintain a fire watch team under orders from the Fire Marshal due to unusual circumstances such as a lack of power or water for your fire protection alarms and sprinklers.

Either way, the most important and safe thing to do is retain the services of a professional fire watch company. And when it comes to dedicated, 24-hour a day fire watch protection, no one does it better than Security Mavericks.

What are Fire Watch Services?

Fire watch services are usually a short term arrangement — although sometimes dedicated ongoing support is necessary depending on the type of situation you are dealing with — that provides trained, expert monitoring of your property.

This typically takes place during times when fire dangers are higher than usual on or around your property. These types of events can include alarm malfunctions, natural disasters, or even just during construction updates to your structure or property.

What Does a Firewatch Team Do?

In short, a fire watch team provides persistent monitoring of your property to identify fire hazards, contact firefighters in the case of a fire, and safely provide evacuation notice and support for anyone in the building.

During their rounds, our highly trained fire watch officers will check fire safety equipment and exits for obstructions and access. They will maintain a detailed log of their patrol and the condition of the structure they are protecting.

However, the specifics of each job can be slightly different. Security Mavericks can consult with you on an effective plan of action for your fire watch job, or follow any mandated guidelines provided by your corporate office or a fire safety professional such as a Fire Marshal.

Fire watch officers are here to keep your people and your property safe. In the case of an actual fire, that means immediately contacting the fire department or Department of Public Safety to get firefighting professionals on the job right away, and then working to help safely evacuate your building.

Why Hire Security Mavericks as Your Dedicated 24-Hour Fire Watch Team?

Security Mavericks is a leader in professional security for events, residential security, commercial security, and fire watch safety industry. We have a hard-won reputation for excellence and execution when it comes to the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Furthermore, we’re experienced and utilize the most cutting-edge technology for reporting to our clients and communication with other safety professionals, so you can rest easy knowing that we are leveraging every advantage to keep your property safe.

Over the years, we’ve supplied fire watch officers for all of the following industries:

  • Construction sites
  • Financial institutions
  • Country clubs
  • Industrial locations
  • Medical offices
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Private venues
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & campuses
  • Warehouses
  • And more

If your business or organization doesn’t seem to fit onto that list, don’t worry. Just contact us and let us walk you through how we would handle your job with the expertise and attention to detail that we are known for.

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