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There are dozens of different situations that require the help of a professional security team. From foot patrols on a construction site to protecting your property and inventory during natural disasters, the professionals at Security Mavericks offer security officer services for virtually every situation. Don’t get caught without the protection you need — contact Security Mavericks today and let us share how we can help with your special situation or unique needs.

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Security officer Services For Any Occasion

At Security Mavericks, we have seen and done it all. Our uniformed, armed and unarmed security officers have served our clients with distinction and integrity in some unique situations. In addition to building and lot security, concierge security, and the other standard services that we offer, we also provide security teams for:

  • Strikes or other labor actions.
  • Plant closings.
  • Downsizings.
  • Major retail events (Black Friday, end of year closeout sales, etc.).
  • Man-made or natural disasters.
  • Large events (concerts, conventions, expositions, etc.).
  • And much, much, more.

Security Officer Services For Stressful Situations

Security Mavericks is here to serve you during the times when you need support the most. Whether you are expecting a large turnout for a concert at your venue and need door, stage, and parking lot security teams or you are closing down a worksite and expect that crowd control might be needed for everyone’s safety — we can help.

At Security Mavericks, we specialize in keeping you, your people, and your property safe and secure during stressful, tenuous situations. Our professional security company provides our armed and unarmed officers with cutting-edge technology, elite-level training, and ongoing education to ensure you get the best security officer services in Florida.

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If you have a need for security officers services for your property, event, or other unique situation, contact us today online or by phone to learn how we can help.

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