ATV Security Patrols

Security Patrols That Get from Point A to Point B Quickly in Florida

Cut Down on Travel While Increasing Security

Whether you’re hosting an event in a remote location or you need security for a large business campus, Security Mavericks offers the solution with ATV security patrols. With ATVs, our security officers can cover more ground faster and respond to incidents sooner than if they were to patrol on foot. Contact our team today if you’re interested in ATV security patrol.

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Reasons to hire security officers for ATV Patrols:

  • You're hosting an event in a rural or remote location
  • You have a business campus with buildings that are broken up
  • Your business park is spread out across several acres
  • You want your team of security officers to be able to move quickly

ATV Security Patrols

Sometimes you need a security company that offers services that allow their team to be mobile and move quickly. At Security Mavericks in Florida, we offer ATV security patrol to ensure that your event or your business is well protected by a team of security officers that can patrol large areas of space and move quickly from one area to another.

Security Patrol for Events

When you host an event in a remote or rural location, there are a lot more entrance points into the venue. To prevent trespassers or party crashers, a team of security officers traveling by ATV can cover more ground and prevent any attempts at infiltration.

Similarly, if a guest wanders away from your event and is injured, a security officers is likely to be by sooner while on an ATV security patrol to address the situation.

Security Patrol for Businesses

Whether your business is spread out across several acres or buildings are in separate locations, ATV security patrol is a great way to ensure that all locations and entrances remain secure. If there is an incident on the grounds and a security officers is not close by, they will be able to respond to the situation quickly if they have the ability to travel by ATV.

Hire ATV Patrol for Your Event or Business

When it comes to the safety and security of your event guests or your employees at your company, there’s no peace of mind like knowing that your security officers have a quick response time to incidents.

If you’re looking into security companies for your next event or you’re looking to improve the security of your business, contact Security Mavericks in Florida today.

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