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Reliable Unarmed & Armed Security officers

Security Mavericks is a professional security company that provides a wide range of services, including unarmed and armed security officers, security software, patrols, and more. We provide our clients in both small towns and larger cities with security officers and services that leave them safe, secure, and satisfied. How, you ask? That’s easy — with industry-leading training, a proprietary security app, and unmatched customer service. et Security Mavericks handle your security job so you can stay focused on running your business.

Security Officer Services From Security Mavericks

Security Mavericks offers a wide range of services and technology to aid in the protection and security of your business, event, property, or employees. Although we are based in Florida, we serve the needs of clients all over Florida and the nation. Learn more about our services below.

  • Unarmed and Armed Security Officers
  • Access Control Software*
  • Security Reporting Software
  • Off-duty Law Enforcement Officers*
  • ATV Patrols*
  • Security Officers Certified For Your Business

*Availability varies depending on location. Please contact us for specific inquiries.


Training and Certifications


Residential HOA Certification


Commercial Properties Certification


Construction Management Certification

Elite Security Officer Services

Security Mavericks has the experience, training, and technology to make sure that your security job is handled the right way. Below you can find some of the most common services that we execute with precision for our clients.

Unarmed and Armed Security Officers

Security Mavericks has your safety and security covered whether you need unarmed or armed security officers for your event, job site, or place of business. From static, point of entry security officers to mobile patrols, we do it all.

  • Armed And Unarmed
  • Professionally Uniformed, Managed, And Developed.
  • Equipped with the Latest Reporting, Scheduling, and Time Tracking
  • Continued Education Credits Every 90 Days
  • Concierge Services
  • Firewatch Services
  • Patrol Services
  • Vehicle Roving Services
  • Foot Patrol

Access Control Software

Who you let into your place of business is a big deal, and as your company grows, this becomes more and more important while also becoming harder to keep track of. Thankfully, Security Mavericks has the software and tools to help you manage, monitor, and track the employees and visitors in your place of business.

  • Visitor Access Control And Screening
  • Remote Monitoring For Visitor Entryways
  • Touch Screen Visitor Screening Kiosks
  • Driver License And License Plate Recognition
  • Total Community Database Manager
  • Cameras And Facial Recognition
  • Latest In Security Technology
  • RFID Solutions
  • Pass Printing

Security Reporting Software

When you work with a security company, transparency is crucial to trust that the job is being done right. A team that does their work with diligence and integrity should be more than happy to share as much data as possible with you about their overall plan, shift activities, and incident reports.

  • Mobile Officer Management, Tracking, And Communication Tool
  • Application Based Reporting Software
  • Shift Activity, Incident Reports, Parking Violations, Check Points, Tour
  • Maps, Site Procedures, Maintenance Reports, Total Search Capabilities
  • Digital Scheduling Software
  • Community Websites And Other Integrations
  • Remote Monitoring And Alerting Platforms

Off-duty Law Enforcement Officers

Sometimes your specific security needs may entail needing off-duty officers. Security Mavericks can arrange for this and save you the time of coordinating an overtime police presence at your event or job site.

ATV Patrols

Are you hosting a rural event? Maybe you own a business that covers dozens of acres or has multiple sites over an even larger area. ATV patrols can be a great way to cover ground quickly and keep an eye on your entire property.

Training and Certifications

Different types of businesses and properties face different threats and security risks, so it would only make sense that the professional security company that you choose to work with would train, plan, and prepare for them differently, right? At Security Mavericks, we train and certify our unarmed and armed security officers for the fundamental differences they will face when working at different sites. Learn more about our in-house certifications below and more about the different groups we serve here.

Residential HOA Certification

Our residential security packages are built to make our presence in your HOA or residential community feel the right way, right away. From focusing on courteous interactions with residents to putting our state-of-the-art application to work as a community-management and tracking tool, our security officers become like an extension of your residential management team. From noting compliance issues to noting community safety standards like road lines and road signs that need replacing, the residents of your community will recognize the positive changes around them.

Commercial Properties Certification

The needs of commercial property and business owners are vastly different than the security needs of an HOA or apartment complex. As such, our certification focuses on practices and strategies that work in tandem with the business owner to provide security while also alleviating workloads for them. An emphasis is placed on tracking and reporting to help business owners confidently know that their security officers are keeping their property secure.

Construction Management Certification

Security Mavericks offers the only Construction Security Management Certification in the U.S. We built this program from the viewpoint of the site and project managers who run these sites and are constantly dealing with theft, liability, and other job site risks. Our procedures focus on the supervision of high-value materials and equipment to ensure that your project stays on track.

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